Indata Group

Indata group is the fastest growing group in Poland. The group enters the company Indata SA and its subsidiaries that are active on the IT market. Ambition of the Board of Indata SA and all managers from companies Indata’s Group is further rapid development and the achievement of one of the leading position in the IT market. This objective will be achieved through the improvement of operations and the acquisition of the ICT industry.

In order to implement the Strategy Group Indata companys work within one of the three defined and strategically important business lines:

Each business line is assigned to a specific area of the IT market. Its characteristics defined opportunities and risks. Through the coordination of activities in each of these areas Indata Group builds a stable path of development in carrying out the assumption of the fastest growing group in Poland.


The Indata Group's activities in SERVICES business line focuses on two areas: Software House activity and broadly understood IT consulting. The main technologies supported in this area are JAVA, MS.NET and PHP. The Group has also unique expertise in support of solutions for the IoT market (Internet of Things) and mobile one. Outsourcing services are a very important part of the activity in the area of Software House - HR or entire project teams for business clients. In the area of strategic, transformation and information technology consulting, we focus on the use of IT technology in the fast-growing business from startups to mature companies.

  • Software development (Java, .NET, PHP)
  • Production of the ordered software
  • Outsourcing of employees teams
  • Production of B2B systems
  • Mobile solutions
  • Strategic IT / eCommerce consulting
  • IT audit
  • Support for EU projects
  • EU Capital


The profile of the Indata Group's activities in the area of SYSTEMS includes a comprehensive implementation of projects from a concept and design through authorised delivery and installation, implementation and training, including the tasks related to the operation and maintenance of ICT systems. As a Service and Hosting Provider, Indata offers services of Data Center based on a unique model of IT infrastructure services management (cloud services). Thanks to strategic partnerships with major IT manufacturers (such as IBM, HP, ORACLE, LENOVO, CISCO and Microsoft) we successfully implement the newest IT solutions for our customers.

  • Integration of ICT systems
  • Solutions for Utilities
  • Project Management
  • GIS and passporting
  • Data and IT systems security
  • IT Outsourcing
  • Data Center
  • Helpdesk 24/7/365
  • ERP/CRM/BI systems
  • Office 365


Indata INNOVATIONS is a place where we develop innovative projects and technologies. Indata Group operates on the new and rapidly growing  "Internet of Things" market (Internet of Things / IoT) and Smart City. IoT terminology refers not only devices and gadgets related to the consumer market. For a long time, this technology has been used in systems of management of, among others, energy (e.g. SMART Grids), buildings, environmental and urban monitoring SMART City), and it is also applicable in transport (e.g. fleet management), being indispensable part of the industry or in daily life (SMART Home). By combining broad expertise in software, design and integration of solutions, Indata Group occupies an important position in the market for innovative ICT products and services, including the IoT and Smart City, both in Poland and abroad.

  • A comprehensive offer of Smart City
  • Smart Home
  • Beacons
  • Shoping analitics
  • B+R Campus
  • Biotechnology
  • Start Up accelerator
  • Development in the area of IoT
  • Integration in the area of IoT